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Whether you need help with the odd administrative tasks, or someone to take on and manage a whole project for your business so your skills can be utilised elsewhere, we have solutions for you. We are passionate about Business, strategy, projects, and all things start up related, which is why we are here! Starting any business can be overwhelming, and whilst you will want to keep your costs as low as possible by trying to do everything yourself, sometimes it just isn't possible.


Business Administration and Operations Services

We believe in working smarter, not harder, which is why we offer a variety of Business services to help with the tasks you just don't have the time, or passion for. You can focus on other, important aspects of your business such as product development, your marketing strategy, or implementing a longer term plan, and leave the administrative tasks to us. Only you will see the bigger picture and direction that you want your business to take, so by using our Business Services, you can give all your attention to the jobs that will get you there.

Project Management Services

Sometimes, you might have the perfect business idea, but don't know where to begin with implementing it. You may even find that you have multiple ideas written down in notebooks, but no idea what to do first. That's where our project management services come in. Just let us know your idea, and we can help by providing planning and strategic consultation. Alternatively you can delegate certain projects within your start up to us, whether its marketing, implementing operational processes, or future business development.

Business Services that we provide:

Competitor Research
Building client lists and contacting prospective customers
SEO Outreach
Content Writing
Building databases

Examples of our Project Management Services:

Brand Development
SEO management
Planning and Management of your social channels
Implementing business systems
Future Business Development


Your website is essentially your online store front, and having a great site is one thing that can separate you from the competition. Not only is it important to have a beautifully designed, appealing website, but also one that is user friendly, and gives potential customers a good experience. A high standard website is one of the first investments you will make in your start up, and it can be a costly one. Whether you require a completely custom built website, or a WordPress hosted website that you can manage yourself, Frevolve have a variety of services that will be tailored to your specific requirements. 



Website Design

Domain purchase hosting and WordPress set up

Custom built websites

Landing pages

Portfolio Style Websites

E-commerce Websites

If you need help with any project or business related task, enquire today - contact@frevolve.com